September 21, 2010

She did it again!

 She put me inside the shower and I had no way out, I knew exactly what it was coming. Don't I look sad?

She won't let me out until I shake....

OK, mom, I did it, I shake, now let me out!

That's my "I'm still mad at you" face.


  1. Hi Sami - we feel your pain. I wear my
    "I'm still made at you" face for days after a bath. I also shed like crazy afterwards - I love it - there's white fur all over the floors.

    Hugs and yips,
    Cappy and Ollie

  2. baths are the WORST~! i mean dont get me wrong--im very girly and love to smell clean, but i HATE WATER. mum doesn't have to say anything, i know a bath is coming up when i see mum grab shampoo/conditioner bottles and a towels. i run like the wind and hide, but she always finds me.... :/


  3. Ugh, bath days are not fun. I hope there were lots of treats involved for the torture.:)

    Teddy Bear