July 12, 2010

Day trip to Hollywood

What a fun day!
Here I am in the car sitting on my sister's lap on our way to Hollywood,
don't I look happy?

Here I am in front of Mickey Mouse's Star

This is Cat Woman, she fell in love with me and wanted to have her picture taken with me..... Meow!

Here I am at the Kodak Theater, that's where they have the Oscars, and behind me it's the Capitan Theater, that's where they have the premieres for the movies

For lunch we went to Pink's to eat Hot Dogs, It is a very famous place and they say they have the best hot dogs in the world. We waited in line for about 30 minutes, and we were glad we did, it really was worth it! I tried a little of hot dog and chili fries, and it was delicious!

Here I am in the car on our way home, sitting on my mom's lap,
I look so tired! can you tell I had fun?


  1. Wow! You're in Hollywood! That must mean you're a celebrity. You sure look like one! We're waiting to get discovered and be famous, too. But, we're along way from Hollywood!

    Nice to meet you! We visit again.

    The Road Dogs

  2. ohh! I've been there too!! did you see my star??